Thursday, August 18, 2005

The End

The time has finally come, our class is over and it is time for all of us to start to focus on what little summer we have left. Before I go I wanted to touch base on the highlights that I liked about the course.

Before I started this course I really didn’t pay much attention to the web, nor did I surf the web all that often. Then as each class presented it’s self, and as we started to learn new tricks about things like the sophisticated search engines such as google, Yahoo, and MNS Search. I noticed that I started to visit these sites a little more often. Of course one reason was because of the course materials demanded that we go out and explore these sites but I also noticed that I was starting to become better at surfing for specific items.

As we rolled into the 2nd week of class we had the video on E-bay and what E-Bay has done for e-commerce. It was obvious that either you loved E-Bay or you hated them but either way the end result show that more and more people are starting to utilize E-Bay auctions as one of their merchandising outlets. In fact I put my own company to the test with E-Bay. If you recall I was going to have one of the folks on my team actually try to sell some merchandise on E-Bay. Well as it turns out we did sale several items such as T-shirts and hats on E-Bay over the course of the last two weeks. Some items were not that hot of a seller but others were but the end results did show that we sold everything. Of course it didn’t hurt that the week/weekend we posted most of our items for sale was also the same week of the Knoxville Nationals. For those of you who don’t know the Knoxville Nationals is more or less equivalent to the Indy 500 for Sprint Cars. As luck would have it our driver also won his first race of the season that week during one of the 3 nights of racing so I think our sale stats may be a little tainted due to his performance. But either way the fact does remain that we were able to sale all 10 of our items that we put out onto e-bay and we make a total profit after fees etc. of almost a $180 for little to no effort. So I am definitely going to continue to utilize E-bay as one of our distribution channels going forward.

In the third week we tackled the Amazon case and everyone in class was able to play Monday morning quarterback as we all plead our case as to what Amazon did right and what Amazon did wrong during the Dot com bust. This part of the exercise was a good one as it showed me that both sides of the teams have really strong arguments; such as should Amazon still continue to grow or should they stop. Should they focus on books or should they focus on electronics. In the end I think the class was split down the middle as to what side of the fence folks were on so I am not sure if we made any ground but the point was made. We also discussed internet security this week as well. To be honest I started to get a little nerves as I was wondering how secure my home computer was. Well as it turned out I did have some of those nasty spy ware programs on my computer. But with the help of McAfee and Microsoft anti spy ware programs I can successfully say that I think my home computer is virus and spy ware free. So I guess I can thank Sandeep for helping me look at my computer in a different way so that I can keep my computer a healthy one.

Going into the last week we started to discuss the profiles of online communities i.e. Firefox and that quickly spun off to be an Anti-Microsoft conversation. Personally I am a fan of Microsoft, the way I look at it is, without Microsoft we wouldn’t have as many programs that work as we have today and we wouldn’t have am many integrated products as we do today. Now I am fully aware that some of Microsoft practices are to let someone else build a better product and then you either copy them or buy them. It is one of the fundamental concepts in corporate America today so why blame Microsoft for being good at it is what I say.

Now onto the last class of the Quarter. Last night we had several interesting topics being presented to us. Take Mikes presentation on VOIP for example. One thing I would have liked to point out to the class was that AT&T Wireless had invested millions of $$ into developing an Internal VOIP network a few years ago. The network was so successful AWS started to rout a significant potion of their LD calls over this network. I bet those who used AWS didn’t know that their LD calls were going over this network. So VOIP doesn’t just help end user consumers it also helps business cut down on business expenses. I also liked Tom’s presentation on RFID. I really do think that RFID will one day replace the way we view purchasing and inventorying our items. It just makes since. To be honest there were several other presentations that I liked and would like to comment on but I just don’t have the time.

So with that said I would like to say that I think my experience that I have had in this class has helped me view the web in a whole new light. In fact I actually have started to utilize some of the things I learned in the class in my every day activities. With that Adios amigos, see all of you in a few weeks, in the mean time sit back grab a good cup of Java and let’s go Surfing.


Blogger Gaby de Wilde said...

Microsoft fan?

You appear to have forgotten they stole most of the products in working order, prevented anyone from writing software and still do this?

You argument sounds like "Microsoft knows everything". I'm sorry but it's closer to not knowing anything.


Thunderbird is a million times outlook, Open office is a million times MS office. Firefox is a million times IE.

That leaves about nothing we've payed for? DOS?

MAC is a million times more logically structured as the windows operation software.

Should be able to see that marketing is the main skill exploited?

I still say, they didn't have the skill to create a hardware based OS. It's pure anarchy, the os is like a law written in pencil in order to be finished later. This was ok (even cool) in 1995.

Now as a small side effect anyone can change anything on your pc now. Is this acceptable?

Microsoft bankrupted thousands of honest businesses.

Would you say that was a really cool?

Lets make the credit card records public! O-JOY

I would think it's not acceptable? This kind of errors could mean the end of the world?

If you look at open source one can clearly see what real development can look like. Something for a government to manage. Not an extortion tool for commercial enterprise.

All users could make the things they need and share it! (Think educational software)

The statement "Microsoft did all this miraculous works" is false and should be revised.

Imagine windows is a private garden, we pay to get in and are not allowed to leave the path.

Now a garden we all work in and contribute to could be a thousand times more fantastic.

you could plant your own tree and dig your own lake.
How does that compare to "you cant walk on the grass"?

Programmers are not allowed to create anything useful.

Hackers make a great indicator. They are clearly able to find windows imperfections but are not allowed to develop anything.

We cant use random software because of the virus risks.

So what ever useful program anyone makes we do-not-need.

No: "thank you very much for making it".

just: I-do-not-need

I could make my own version of pacman but no one would ever download it. Thats why your version 2.0 of my pacman game will never happen.

3:08 PM  
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Adding you to favorites, Ill have to come back and read it again later.

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Blogger Mr. J said...

Hey Kyle... Yay! Microsoft Fan.. Kewl, although their products are a bit bulky, I think they did a lot of contribution to how things are today and I love them for that. Lawsuits, monopolistic strategies can go take a walk.

And having read a bit about E-Bay, I think its not just E-Bay but almost everything you see on the net, you either love it or hate it.

As for me, I love Microsoft, I love Yahoo! and MSN and I love Amazon. As for the rest, don't give a damn.

And your blog makes me envious. You get to 'study' Amazon & E-bay and discuss stuff? Care to shed some light on what course you are doing and where? I find it fun.

From one obsessive internet technology fanatic to another.

May the power of the net be with you!

2:59 AM  
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