Monday, August 01, 2005

The Million Dollar Question

The million dollar question. It’s the Question every web design managers is asking “what constitutes a good web site”. Is it a site that is rated highly for search engines, or is it one that is pleasing to the surfer to read, or is it one that generates a lot of quick clicks or one that keeps the customer digging or sticky if you will.

To be sure what is pleasing and / or useful to one may not be to another, this was clearly evident in today’s class. Thus it is evident that this is the challenge that all web design managers are struggling with. One thing is for certain almost all experts agree that a successful site is one that are sticky and keeps the customers coming back.

This is easier said then done. In our impromptu survey in class some folks like standard links that never change structure, other like catchy pictures that draw them into the site, still other liked formal list & structure, and last but not least many class members said that if a web doesn’t have a quick search box on them they won’t even bother to stop.

So we at least have a starting point.
Here are some web pages that I like. For the record I like straight forward web sites with easy to read headers and drop down menus, and last but not least I also need to have the fancy little search engine.

Take a look and tell me if you like these designs. I use this web for looking at news topics I use this to review local News topics I view this page to catch up on my racing news.


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