Friday, August 05, 2005

E-Bay or not to E-Bay

Wednesday night class was an interesting one. The documentary regarding E-bay Nation was informational yet at the same time it seemed a little disorganized. I think the disorganization can be contributed to the way the producer kept jumping between subjects. I believe his intent was to set up teasers so that we the audience would stay interested in the topic. Which somewhat worked but I also felt that this jumping around actually took away from the root of the story. With this said, after the class on my way home I did take a step back and looked at E-bay in a whole different light. Rather then viewing E-bay as a crafts and hobby distribution point where I was the buyer, I now view them as a large distribution center/network for my company. So on my way home I decided to try an experiment with our Rudeen Racing division. The next day I went into the office and gave one of my workers a special project. I wanted to see if we could sell some of our racing items online through E-bay. So we decided to put up a half a dozen t-shirts, coats & hats on E-bay to see if we could sell them through this channel. I think it would work because we are always having people contact our office asking for specific pieces of appeal from our World of Outlaws team so by adding this e-bay link I think we can potentially drive some of our customers directly to them. I know it should work as utilizing E-bay will help me overcome one of our biggest challenges. In the past we have never accepted credit cards. But with E-bay & Pay-pal I am hoping that we can change this, and hopefully open some potential customers. Since this is a live experiment, I am willing to share our results with the class once it has completed. Let’s say after the first month. It will be interesting to see if we actually can sell our products this way; I will say I am cautiously optimistic. Who knows this class my have opened up a channel for my company to reach more of our customers. Who would have thought that? Stay tuned as I will update this post with my results.


Blogger mjaeger said...

I agree, it did seem like the documentarian was a bit fractured in his delivery, but what I thought was most interesting is it made the "Community" look like a bunch of Rednecks selling crap they found in their basements. I'm not sure that is true, but that was the spin from the film.

5:41 PM  
Blogger Sandeep Krishnamurthy said...


I am thrilled that you decided to try this eBay as a channel. Some economists have argued that eBay is the cheapest way to sell anything- this was in the early days, though. It still is a pretty cheap way of selling. So, good luck and keep me posted after this class ends.

6:53 PM  

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